The Alley @ Icon City is Finally Opening in Penang

Update: The Alley Opens In Nagore Square Penang

You heard that right, the long-awaited beverage chain is finally available here in Penang! Remember when The Alley first opened in Malaysia the hype went crazy? Till now you still need to queue to get your drinks. While The Alley is widely available in other parts of Malaysia, Penangites went “Why Penang don’t have wei?!” Now that The Alley is available in Penang, you don’t need to wait long long liao!



What is The Alley:

For those of you who didn’t know, The Alley is a famous beverage chain across Southeast Asia, known particularly for their brown sugar milk. The cute fat cylindrical cup with a deer logo on it? That’s The Alley. Their bestseller brown sugar milk has the most satisfying brown sugar milk ombre. The taste? Fragrant sweet with smooth milk texture.

Cr: @c__chiki___food

In fact, their pearls are what differs them from other milk tea chain. Made from scratch and by hand using tapioca and simmered with brown sugar for hours, their pearls are really chewy and fragrant. Besides brown sugar series, they offer other beverages such as matcha, coco and dreamy, colourful drinks that are super Instagrammable as well.

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Enough Explaining, Tell Us The Date:

Opening on the 1/1/2019, the first day of the year. The Alley is calling us to celebrate the first day of 2019 with them! What a great way to a fresh year! Save the date, tag all your buddies to let them know and jom milk tea together. See ya’ll there!

Location: Icon City


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