Perfect Ice: Cute Korean Milkshake And Softserve Is Now Open In Ipoh

Silky Smooth Milkshakes & Soft Serves!

It all began at Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market when they tested out their French Style milkshake and it became a hit sensation among Koreans from grandpas stealing a bite from their grandkids share! An overnight uproar, Perfect Ice has opened 46 outlets in South Korea and they’re invading our personal space here in IPOH and we’re letting them!

By Perfectice Malaysia

Perfect Ice Korean Dessert Is Here In Ipoh

Why dilute your drink with ice? Perfect Ice serves some of the best milkshakes using the highest and healthiest (duh) without ice or water! Possible? They do it and they do it right with the options of Mint Chocolate Milkshake, Mini Black Sugar Pearl Milkshake, Black Cereal Milkshake and Strawberry Milkshake among others with the popular Cheese Cake Shake, chilling fans to the core.

Let’s not forget the silkiest ice cream with the materials imported from Italy just to please your senses with authenticity. Perfect Ice is all about the Instagram selfies and hashtags, so come on millennials, whip out your phone, take a snap or two and dive right in before these bad boys melt!

By Perfect Ice Malaysia

 Bring Your Own Bottle & Save The Earth!

Feeling like you ain’t doing enough for the environment? Get yourself these pretty BPA-Free milkshake bottles, re-use the next time you’re purchasing a milkshake and you’re doing your part! Plus enjoy a RM2 discount if you re-use them and better, tag your 5 friends with a picture of your milkshake or ice cream on Insta and you’ll win a chance to eat a year of milkshake in perfect-ice for free! That’s right! FOR FREE! Check out their Facebook Page and find out how to redeem exciting deals!

By Perfect Ice Malaysia

Address: Twenty4 Smart Convenience Store, Lot G26A, Ground Floor, Ipoh Parade, 105,
Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil Greentown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.
Business Hours: 12 pm-12 am
Number: 011-1025 2628


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