Marilyn Monroe Inspired Restaurant With Lip-Smacking Lamb Shank

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of this restaurant by far, it’s probably because it’s been hiding well under the glam of 1926 Heritage Hotel, which was once upon a time, home to British Colonial Officers and local administrator. Flash forward to current times, discovering this underrated restaurant inspired by the Blonde Bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, till this day was a light in the darkness for our sense of taste as we devoured one of the most tender lamb shanks, which fell right off the bone, this town had to offer!

Our Visit To Monroe Restaurant In Penang

Encompassing a simple, modern yet cozy dining space with a menu that will leave you clueless with their varieties, if you haven’t had the slightest clue for an early Christmas brunch, join the bandwagon and treat yourself as here we are giving you an insight into Monroe Restaurant’s budget-friendly menu perfect for a glass of wine or to spend your evening with your loved ones. Will it be worth the trip? You’ll have to find out!

The Space


Indulge in Monroe Restaurant’s classy European vibes with dimmed lights and Marilyn Monroe’s eye-catching portraits that fill up the entire space.

This space is quite happening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 7.30 pm to 11 pm, as it is one of the few venues with a live band and a dance floor for locals to dance to catchy evergreen songs.

They’re certain they can rock your weekdays and weekends with a sweet 20 % off the bill from Tuesday to Thursday  (11 am to 9 pm) and from Friday to Sunday (11 am to 5 pm). All you have to do is leave them a review on their Facebook page, TripAdvisor or Google. Simple as that, so now’s your chance to turn the tables and feel pampered all around! It’s best to make your reservations before visiting to avoid any disappointment.

The restaurant is also awarded by the World Top Gourmet Federation 2018 for its attentive hospitality and quality homemade meals. What else could go wrong with such prestige recognition? Scroll down to find out what pleased our tummy!

The Feast Begins

Broccoli Cheese Soup (RM23.90)  & Coconut Chicken Soup (RM19.90)

We’d suggest you skip the mainstream mushroom soup and head straight for a hearty and cheesy start, with the broccoli cheese soup both complementing each other incoherently well seasoned with just the right amount of salt of pepper. Oh, and the coconut chicken soup simmered down to silky chicken soup with the coconut flesh alongside diced root vegetables offers the ultimate comforting bowl and a hearty note that feels just right for the equinox.

Home-made Chicken Grilled Satay aka Satay Bohong (RM 12.90 Half A Dozen)

They call it the Satay Bohong cuz instead of the peanut sauce for dipping, the satay is marinated with heavy spices perfect on its own or with the onions and cucumber for the crunch. Not too shabby to sweeten your palate as you anticipate for the main courses of sophistication, freshness, and quality!

Main Courses

Top Picks:
Mediterranean Lamb  Shank,
Grill Salmon Fish Fillet With Creamy Spinach &
Monroe’s Lemak Laksa With Grill Seabass Fish Fillet

Cajun Prawn Spaghetti  (RM29.90)

The salacious presentation and alluring aroma just drool you to devour straightaway – plump prawns and calamari rested on a bed of well-prepared pasta cherished with savory tomato sauce is a sight nor a flavor to forget! Made with a sauce from scratch accompanied by fresh sources of seafood and premium ingredients emphasized in the kitchen, the crowd keeps coming back more for this and we don’t see why not!

Monroe’s Lemak Laksa With Grill Seabass Fish Fillet  (RM25.90)

Malaysia is known for its love of rich flavors, and when it comes to spices, few foods illustrate this as well as the Laksa which is one of the few exquisite dishes which outstands Monroe from the other restaurants. Made with rich coconut milk-based curry, Assam based broth, this Peranakan dish abundantly topped with laksa flower, onions, cucumber and chili with a whole lotta spice will swoon your taste buds on a fiery ride that will get you sweating without the exercise! Just the sweating we need.

Grill Salmon Fish Fillet With Creamy Spinach (RM35.90)

Salmon steaks are a popular choice for anyone who’s looking for some meat but doesn’t really want to bear the consequences of the unhealthy side. Monroe delivers! With the salmon fillet laid out well on a bed of creamy spinach and sauce on the side, the presentation of this dish comes off clean and simple.

When making the first cut into the salmon, the resistance you face from the crispy salmon skin sets the tone for the rest of the dish. Upon the first bite, the richness and the flavour of the salmon will hit you right in the mouth but you gotta have it with the sauce for a  burst of flavours and add on the roasted veggies for the crunch! So much of flavour and easily one of the best things we’ve had here! The creamy spinach well adds to the freshness in order to provide the dish with a balance of flavours.

Mediterranean Lamb Shank (RM42.90)

Guys! No sugarcoating will do justice this gorgeous piece of meat!  This fleshy cut from the lower end of the leg is so rich in flavor and so tender after long from the slow cooking, to the point where the meat would just fall off the bone at a gentle push of a fork.

With a luscious sauce accompanied by sides such as mash potato, this dish is one loved by meat lovers. Hands down a crowd pleaser and one of the magnificent lamb shank served for the best price! Let yourself get hungry and it might just be an experience to remember!

Mediterranean Beef Ribs (RM56.90)

Not a fan of lamb? You’d be crazy to resist that lol but here a similar version of it but with beef ribs! With the wine reduced using red wine, expect a tanginess with a hint of sweetness as you scoop the meat with the sauce and mash potatoes for a bite! The tender meat completely falls off the bone, thanks to the hours of braising prior to oven-baking the ribs.

So What’s The Catch?

Whether you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary, or simply to leave an impression on a first date, Monroe is probably one of the places where you can take someone for an assuring dining experience. While truthfully it may seem like a mediocre restaurant upon entering, as soon as the food made its way, doubt was thrown off the window as each of the dishes were distinctively made to complement the sauces and the main ingredient surprising our senses all the way. Named after the woman of Century, it would be tough to get it wrong, mate. Cheers

Monroe Restaurant In Penang

Address: 227, Jalan Burma, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM. Closed On Monday
Phone: 012-407 6699


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