Jaya Grocer Gurney Paragon is Finally Opened Today


After the long wait guys, Jaya Grocer is opening today in Gurney Paragon! We bet frequent shoppers of Gurney Paragon will notice that Sam’s Groceria is being replaced by another grocer brand, Jaya Grocer. It takes so long to complete we almost forgot about its existence. Now, Jaya Grocer Gurney Paragon is finally here!


What You Need to Know About Jaya Grocer Gurney Paragon

While the name “Jaya Grocer” sounds very local, keep in mind it’s in an atas place. Chances of it being “too local” is zero. Jaya Grocer Gurney Paragon has all the fresh produce you’re looking for, locals and international. Their fruits and vegetables look so vivid and fresh, you’ll be spoilt by choices. Even those expensive fruits like imported cherries and melons could be found here.

Off to snacks and other produce. We know you love your local biscuits and treats. Still, when you walk into other grocers like Cold Storage, you’ll be mind-blown by other “ang mo” brands. You can get all the expensive, fancily packaged treats at Jaya Grocer Gurney Paragon as well. It’s okay to impress your friends sometimes no?

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There are still tons of stuff to explore at Jaya Grocer Gurney Paragon. We’ll leave it to you so have fun, and shop! Don’t forget to bring cash and credit card okay? See ya at Jaya Grocer Gurney Paragon!

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