How To Organise A Christmas Party Last Minute In Penang!

Christmas is a very big thing in Penang. Have you checked out all the decorations in our shopping malls yet? Personally, we love Queensbay Mall’s over the top Enchanted Realm. As you can imagine, on the 24th and 25th of December will be extremely crowded. So, if you want to gather around with your friends somewhere cosy, you know you have to do it at your own place. We got you covered with How To Organise A Christmas Party Last Minute In Penang ’cause we only have two weeks left!

How To Organise A Christmas Party Last Minute In Penang

1. Plan Your Guest List

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First and foremost, you need to plan out how many people you will be inviting to your Christmas party! Is it going to be a huge party or a small one with your loved ones? Make sure that you can fit everyone in your venue. It wouldn’t be a nice party if space is overcrowded. When you are planning your guest list, it is important to think if they will mingle well with each other. You want it to be a happening and lively party, after all!

2. Choose Your Venue

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The best place to organise a party will definitely be at the comfort of your own house. You will have the flexibility of everything. It is a Christmas party, and you will need to decorate it to make it festive! Aside from that, you need to make some time to experiment and prepare meals! However, if you are looking to organise it elsewhere, Airbnb will be a good place to start searching for a venue. Additionally, remember to check if parties are allowed.

3. Choose A Theme

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Number three is super fun because it is time to ignite your creativity! Is it going to red and green, or is it going to be red and gold? It is time to pick your theme! It will be the same colour for the decorations, invitation cards, and even presents. As long as it is fitting. The theme should also match with the dress code in order for it to be picture perfect for Instagram. This is definitely the most fun part of organising a party!

4. Plan A Present Exchange

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A Christmas party wouldn’t be a Christmas party without gift exchanges. It is time to plan out your activities so that it can be inserted into your invitations cards. There are multiple ways to do a Christmas exchange. You can always organise a Secret Santa for personal gifts, or simply numbering the presents and let your guests choose from a Christmas hat! Remember to put a price cap for the gifts, okay?

5. Send Out Invitation Cards

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It is always best to send our invitation cards as soon as possible. The closer it is to the party date, the higher the chances that your guests might not be able to attend your party. You can send out a good ol’ card for the invitation, or simply create a Facebook event to invite everyone. Let your creativity take flight by creating your very own invitation card via creative websites such as Greetings Island.

6. Decorate The Place

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If you haven’t gotten a Christmas tree yet, it is time to get one! There are many places that you can get Christmas trees from in Penang including AEON located in Queensbay Mall. As expected, they have Christmas decorations, too! If you are looking for cheaper alternatives for Christmas decorations, be sure to check out MR. D.I.Y and also Daiso. They have the most precious Christmas ornaments!

7. Make Some Meals

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Before buying the ingredients for your meals, remember to check out how many guests will be attending your Christmas party. And then, it is time to buy a turkey! Unless you are opting for finger food only. Cold Storage has a wonderful collection of everything sweet that you will need for a Christmas party such as fruit cake, and candy canes! Check out Jaya Grocer for ingredients you may need to cook your meals. Don’t forget your wine!

8. Make A Music Playlist

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Soft music is a must when it comes to a party! You know you will have to play some Christmas tunes. A great time saver will be Spotify, whereby you can choose a Christmas playlist and you will be good to go. Go Premium in Spotify for only RM 2 for the first three months and RM 14.90 for the month after. Oh, oh, remember that you will need speakers to amplify the tunes!

9. Choose A Christmas Movie

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Christmas movies will bring your family, and friends together! There are many great Christmas movies, but our all-time favourite is Home Alone. It is such a good comedy show. Check out of the choices on Netflix. If there are too many choices, and you can’t pick one, make an Instagram poll and let your guests decide! It also serves as a good conversation starter for your party!

10. Enjoy

Everything is done! Kick and back relax before your guests arrive. But, before that, remember that there must be enough ice to go around. It happens every single time in a party, we are always running out of ice and we will always be rushing to the nearest 7 Eleven or convenience store. Not this time ’cause you are reminded by this post. You’re most welcome!

How To Organise A Christmas Party Last Minute In Penang

That’s it from us! Have a good time planning your Christmas party! Make sure to check out our other Christmas articles ’cause it will make you super excited for the most joyous season of the year!


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