Highly Anticipated Gurney Wharf Will Be Opening In June 2020

Throughout the years, we have seen a lot of changes in Penang. From beautiful murals being painted in the heart of George Town, to the transformation of the highest floors in our iconic building, Komtar. With so many new and exciting things happening, it is no wonder that our weekends are packed! Here’s another one. Gurney Wharf is set to open in the middle of this year!

Gurney Wharf Opening In June

Photo: Gurney Wharf (Facebook)

Reported by Penang Monthly, the first phase of Gurney Wharf is set to open to the republic in the middle of 2020. Considering that it is a big project, different phases will slowly roll out throughout the years. The 74.5 acres will comprise of different facilities. Be excited to dine in restaurants and cafes, stroll on the new promenade, and start snapping for the ‘gram at the water gardens.

Photo: Gurney Wharf (Facebook)

That’s not all! There will also be a public park for picnics on the weekends and even a water taxi pier so that you can ride in style. Not to worry about Gurney Drive losing its touch as there will be a beach and coastal grove planned in the project as well. With that said, we will be expecting many locals and tourists alike to visit this brand new spot in Penang.

The Latest Spot In Penang

Photo: @ziawei (Instagram)

It is really exciting to have a new spot to hang out on the weekends. But, as for now, there are still so many places to discover on the island and mainland. Head over to George Town to check out Sia Boey, an urban archeological park. Watch children play on the playground, and stroll along the river to watch koi fishes swimming. Penang is magical!

First reported by Penang Monthly. 


  • Gurney Wharf’s first phase is set to open in June 2020.
  • Consist of restaurants, cafes, promenade, water gardens, a public park, water taxi pier, a beach, and coastal grove.

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  1. There’s a typo in the article: “Reported by Penang Monthly, the first phase of Gurney Wharf is set to open to the republic in the middle of 2020. ”
    “Republic” should be “public”

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