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CREAM by ChinChin: The Most Instagrammable Cakes

Desserts Are Cheaper Than Therapy

Foodies, by now you might have already heard of ChinChin, the mastermind of ChinChin Gastropub and Golden Shower by ChinChin. Known for its elegance, quality and settings, we heard ChinChin has a few new ventures. One of them would be the rising CREAM by ChinChin, a new addition in Penang. Their minimalist, exclusive desserts quickly caught our attention. We knew we had to try it out and give you our two cents. So scroll down for some reads and chic photos.

About CREAM by ChinChin:

Remember how Penangites reacted when Métisser Pâtisserie announced its break? ChinChin took it up and revamped the place, therefore the birth of CREAM by ChinChin. Serving modern European cuisines, CREAM also houses Tiente by ChinChin, a pastry line that serves artisan patisserie.

*Disclaimer: We went in the evening, during tea time and upon entering, the pastry counter immediately caught our attention. This explains why we only ordered sweet delights.


Settings of CREAM by ChinChin and Their Pastries:

Similar to other ventures of ChinChin, their settings is never a disappointment. The white and gold color scheme harmonizes and softens the ambiance. Minimalist furniture and decoration turned the place into a simple, elegant dining spot.

Moving on to the pastries, our main highlight. CREAM by ChinChin has some of the most pleasant, fine pastries, they’re so beautiful it looks almost UNREAL. Rows and rows of beautiful, flawless pastries gracefully placed in the chilled counter.

We were greeted by Chef Jeffrey, the pastry chef of CREAM. He then introduced us some of the bestsellers and his picks. Chef Jeffrey is a really friendly guy with a strong sense of humor, he shared a lot of the making process and ingredients used in each pastry. We even got to watch him perform in action on cake glazing (oddly satisfying).

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The Taste Test:

Our mandatory “here’s what we ordered.” There were six of us so don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of order okay? Relax.

Chef Jeffrey suggested that we go from the lightest to the heaviest, and we were glad we followed his suggestion. First off, Vanilla Peach (RM18) which we thought it’s the cutest among all with the leaf and stem decoration resembling a peach. Upon first bite, it tastes vanilla-sweet. As we indulge, the taste of peach lingered in our mouth. Vanilla Peach has four layers, spongy base, peach filling, vanilla cream and jelly-textured glaze.

Lemon with Hazelnut (RM18) shocked us when we first had it. It literally tasted like Kinder Bueno chocolate due to the rich hazelnut cream with hazelnut crisp. As it melts in our tastebud, we could taste a hint of lemon which added extra kick to the texture, loved it.

One of our favourite would be the Pistachio (RM18) which has a minty-gold marble glaze, super Instagrammable. If you favor nuts, then Pistachio would be your pick. It tasted straight up like pistachio, but better due to the creamy, smooth texture. The thin pistachio crumb base added flavor and texture overall, made it more appetizing.

Another fruit-flavored pastry, Strawberry Short Cake (RM18). The red glaze with flower garnish was really appealing. Sweet, yet soury at the same time, it resembled the feeling of having a real strawberry fruit. There were even strawberry bits in between, refreshing and perfect to cleanse the palate.

Our next favorite had to be Pure Chocolate (RM18), chocolate is a must when it comes to sweet treat. The sticky glaze paired well with the fillings inside. Rich, dark chocolate yet smooth enough to melt in your mouth. Every bite tasted premium to us, we could even taste the texture of the biscuity base.

And It Goes On……

One of CREAM by ChinChin’s bestseller, Matcha (RM18). Chef Jeffrey told us that they sourced some of the best Matcha straight from Japan. It’s definitely the most expensive he has ever used. Upon first scoop, it tasted quite funny, like raisin. As you dig into it, the strong and smooth matcha releases in your mouth. You’ll left with a bittersweet aftertaste, satisfying.

The last taste test, which was the heaviest, it’s our local pride— Cempedak Tart (RM22). Don’t let the fruit set you back, though not many are a fan of this fruit. Guess what? We’re not, but we somehow enjoyed it. The thick, aromatic cempedak cream stays in your mouth for quite a bit. So if you start off with this first, you’ll regret. We thought the cempedak cream paired well with the soft, crusty base. Overall, it had a sweet, cempedak finish.


Verdict on CREAM by ChinChin:

You should definitely visit at least once, everything was perfect in our opinion. Their artisan pastries are so pretty you’ll fall for it, especially ladies. Some might think the portion doesn’t justify the price aka overpriced. Well, desserts are meant to be in small sizing served after meal right? We’ve done our part, now it’s up to you to tell us your experience.

CREAM by ChinChin

Address:140 Jalan Pintal Tali, George Town, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: 12 p.m.-10 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)

Taste: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10
Ambiance: 8.5/10
Experience: 8/10

Friendly note: This is not a pork-free cafe.

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