A Huge Step Forward For Penang To Turn Food Waste To Biogas

Time To Do Our Part To Save The Environment

It is a known fact that food wastage is one of the most harmful pollutions to the environment. Food waste releases methane gas and methane gas damages our climate. Our planet is in quite a bad shape hence little acts like this would stop the damage to worsen. We should all do our part in taking care of this planet because it is our responsibility.

Small acts like reducing the usage of plastic bags and plastic straws, does help a little if everyone takes the initiative to do their part. While we all do our small acts and the government is doing their part like this, we can still preserve our planet for a few more generations.

Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

Putting Food Waste To Good Use To Save The Environment

Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

With the amount of methane gas that food waste produces, Penang is going to put it to good use instead of letting it go to waste by sending it to the landfill. Since there is only one landfill in Penang which is in Pulau Burong, it is important that we increase the lifespan of the landfill.

There was a ceremony for the launching of the Food Waste-to-Energy Biogas project that was carried out at the Batu Maung Solid Waste Transfer Station. The anaerobic digesters will create biogas that can be used as electricity that will be fed to the power grid. A six-month trial will be carried out first to test out the workability of the machine.

Photo: @majlisbandaraya.pulaupinang (Facebook)

During the six-month trial, 400kg of food will be processed daily to create biogas that has multiple usages. When the six-month trial is over and has produced successful results, the amount of food wastage that will be used for the process will be increased to 150 tonnes of food waste a day.

This is a huge step forward for Penang when it comes to eco-friendly projects. Let’s hope that this project will be a huge success because it’ll definitely be extremely beneficial to everyone and everything that’s involved.

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