16 Yummy Eats You Need To Try In Sunway Carnival Mall

It's a feast!

Hey foodies, welcome back! Do you always end up at Sunway Carnival Mall when it gets a little dull on the weekend but never knew what to do and where to dine in the said mall? Almost everyone faces that scenario and we’re no exception. Therefore, with this list right here, we’re hoping we can help you in figuring out where to have your next meal in Sunway because they offer such a variety of mouth-watering food you absolutely can’t miss!

16 Yummy Eats You Need To Try In Sunway Carnival Mall

1. Seoul Garden

sunway carnival eats
@seoulgardenmalaysia (Instagram)
@seoulgardenmalaysia (Instagram)

It’s time to dine like a feast, my friends! Does Seoul Garde, everyone’s favourite spot to enjoy both barbecue and steamboat at the same time even need an introduction? Offering a myriad of choices when it comes to the ingredients, all kinds of flavoured chicken and also the freshest goods you can get your hands on. Would definitely trust them for a great time!

2. Dave’s Deli

Dave’s Deli

Dave’s Deli

If you’re more of western cuisine type of person, then head on over to Dave’s Deli. Their signature original roast chicken is a big hit amongst their customers, and we think you should definitely try it! Marinated in their secret recipe of 8 different herbs & spices for 24 hours then slowly roasted to perfection, we’re drooling already!

3. llaollao

sunway carnival penang eats

How can you head back right after dinner, no way we won’t let you do that! You’re missing dessert and that’s not acceptable. Enjoy your frozen yoghurt with the most delicious toppings, all the sauces you can imagine and the freshest and most nutritious fruit!

4. Liang Sandwich Bar

liang sandwich sunway
Liang Sandwich Bar
liang sandwich sunway
Liang Sandwich Bar

Do you know what else you can get from Sunway Carnival Mall? The famous sandwich which originated in Taiwan and crowned as “The Country’s Snacks” by China is in the house! You can’t possibly miss their life-sized cardboard cutout of Jay Chou, their ambassador. Using Chinese Scallion Pancake as the “bread,” the inside is filled with your favourite modern ingredients!

5. Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam

Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam
Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam
Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam

Egg & toast lovers, you guys are incredibly lucky to have Xixiang Kaya Kopitiam in the mall! We all know how hard it is to get a good egg & toast set, right. Stop by to indulge yourself in their crispy toasted kaya & butter bread with half-boiled eggs. Perfect choice for a quick bite after shopping the whole day!

6. Boat Noodle

Boat Noodle
Boat Noodle
Boat Noodle

Sometimes, little bowls of happiness (tasty Kuey Teow Ruer) are all we need to make our day and week great! They also serve other authentic Thai dishes that will be sure to blow you away. Not forgetting their signature Thai milk tea (cha yen) that is refreshing to boot!

7. Winter Warmers

@cing630 (Instagram)
@yikkim94 (Instagram)

Don’t know where to go in the noon? Why not indulge yourself in high tea? It’s pretty relaxing and Winter Warmers serves really good pastries and desserts. But of course, other than just desserts, they too have appetizing food that’ll be sure to put a smile on your face!

8. Go Noodles

go noodle house sunway
Go Noodles
Go Noodles
Go Noodles

*Non-Halal Eatery*

9. Idealite

@joshuatan_spa (Instagram)
@likeabrenda (Instagram)

For some reason, people often have a misconception about vegetarian food, about them being not as tasty and we totally don’t get it at all. Like, have you guys tried Idealite? Because their vegetarian curry me is one of the best as well as most popular dishes you have to try, with enough kick of spiciness.

10. The Manhattan Fish Market

@dahliarshd (Instagram)
@sakinahsaid (Instagram)

We can go ahead and list out all the reasons you should eat at The Manhattan Fish Market but nah, we’re going to let the pictures do most of the talking. What you should know though, is definitely the fact they use the freshest seafood when it comes to each plate of goodness.

Bubble Milk Tea Section

As promised we’ll deliver 16 yummy eats in Sunway Carnival Mall to you with 6 of them being bubble milk tea outlets. Can I hear a ‘hooray!’ from bubble milk tea lovers? Now, you can fix your cravings whenever but let’s have some self-control at the same time alright.

11. Tealive

@shierazuhairi (Instagram)

12. Venzytea

@spongequah88.arw (Instagram)

13. Summer Desserts Bakery

@yuxuan_kyx (Instagram)

14. BlackBall

@blackball.malaysia (Instagram)

15. Chatime

@avenuekmy (Instagram)

16. Coolblog

@amirulhafizzamri (Instagram)

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